"Minimizing Your Footprint, Enhancing Your Performance"

Selecting the best trees for your planting programs is essential for success, that’s why we offer tree procurement training. Our team of arborists will teach you everything you need to know to tag on your own.

With this training you’ll learn how to select trees with all of the following characteristics: They will be free from disease and pests, show little to no signs of damage, have been grown and pruned using proper techniques, have appropriate root and branching structure for their species, display vigorous growth of shoots and leaves, and be of the appropriate size for their intended use.

You’ll also be taught the basics of safely transporting trees, storing trees for short and long periods of time, developing the procurement language of your contracts, and industry pricing.

With high quality trees that match the needs and specifics of your planting program, you’ll be well on your way to another successful planting season.