"Minimizing Your Footprint, Enhancing Your Performance"

Our right tree right place training will teach you how to choose the best species of tree for your planting locations. Factors such as the size of the tree beds, distance to roads and buildings, and presence of underground utilities and power lines will all affect which species (or cultivar) of tree is best to plant at each individual site.

Planting trees that are adapted to the surroundings and the correct size for the available space will allow you to get the full value of the tree over its lifetime as well as reduce your maintenance obligations and avoid conflicts with utilities and other important infrastructure.

While most right tree right place trainings only cover avoiding infrastructure conflicts, our training goes beyond to cover hardiness to drought, salt, disease, and physical damage, the lifespans of trees, differences in sizes and shapes of cultivars (even within the same species or genus), projected maintenance, fall colors and spring flowers, and other general aesthetics.

Upon completion of this course, all attendees will be equipped with the knowledge needed to plant trees that become assets for generations.