"Minimizing Your Footprint, Enhancing Your Performance"

Most trees planted for towns and cities are planted without regard to proper technique. Trees are planted in the wrong seasons, burlap and wire baskets are left on which inhibit root growth, trees are planted too deep, girdling roots are not removed, bricks, paving stones, and concrete are used improperly around the tree, and the soil is left compacted.

Our training will help you avoid all the common mistakes so that you don’t end up with trees poor in health and quality. Whether you’ll be planting the trees yourself or supervising the planting by a contractor or in house crew, knowing how to plant properly will make the difference between having healthy beautiful trees and rows of ugly sticks.

The training will also cover the best methods for securing new trees with stakes and ties, how to organize and perform inspections post planting, watering schedules, and basic tree bed maintenance for the first year after planting.