"Minimizing Your Footprint, Enhancing Your Performance"

A management plan is critical for effectively and efficiently maintaining any natural resource, including the urban forest. These plans will lay out in detail exactly what the yearly objectives are for the resource and provide a structural framework for determining responsibilities, tasks, and procedures. A good management plan will be tailored to the unique situations of the property or municipality for which it is created.

For municipalities and large properties, clearly defining the roles of different agencies, contractors, groups, and departments will not only facilitate the efficient management of your trees, saving time and money, it will also assist in decreasing the likelihood of any legal difficulties. Organization through a forestry management plan is key to mitigating hazards.

Management plans are also useful for prioritizing the work of maintaining the urban forest. Determining which trees should receive the most attention, creating procedures for removals , determining responses to calls or concerns, and setting timetables for inspections are all covered by management plans. Each property or municipality will have its own unique set of considerations. Budgets, areas to be maintained, stakeholders, land uses, and resources will vary and it's important that the management plan be tailored to the client. Our team will write a plan that fits your exact needs.

In New Jersey, a forestry management plan that is approved by the state Department of Environmental Protection is necessary to qualify for grants and other funding opportunities. With our team of experienced arborists helping you every step of the way, you can expect to have an effective approved plan that makes the most of your urban forest as well as opens doors to new funding opportunities. An approved plan will also provide liability protection under the New Jersey Shade Tree and Community Forestry Assistance Act.