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Insect and tree disease management is an integral part of tree health care. When left unchecked, insects and fungal pathogens can cause irreparable damage to trees. Insects, fungi, and bacteria can cause various health problems and diseases in trees that range in severity. Sometimes the effects can be moderate, such as early defoliation and sometimes they can be severe, leading to tree mortality. Diseased trees can also be a liability to property owners and municipalities when factors such as decay in stems, roots or branches lead to whole are partial tree failure.

Assessing tree health to determine if tree decline is caused by abiotic environmental factors (drought, sun scorch, chemicals, or mechanical injury) or biotic pathogens (insects, bacteria, or fungi) takes a thorough and multifaceted approach.

Our tree disease training course teaches how to identify signs of pathogens (fungal fruiting bodies, spores, insect holes in bark, etc.) as well as symptoms of diseases such as stem cankers, root rot, discolored leaves and defoliation. Knowing what signs and symptoms to look for in declining trees is essential to identifying the root cause of the tree’s ailment. From there, you can determine the appropriate course of action needed to remediate the condition.

Our tree disease assessment and management training course, not only teaches you how to identify the various types of common diseases that your tree could be infected with but also details a variety of management options available to treat diseased trees, such as application of fungicide, insecticide, properly timed pruning, or eradication of alternative disease hosts. We also help you identify situations where a tree is beyond treating and removal is necessary in order to stop the spread of disease to other nearby healthy trees and eliminate the liability of tree failure. Our course offers instruction on identifying common tree diseases as well as an overview important phases of the insect or pathogen’s lifecycle when they are susceptible to treatment. We also take you outdoors to look at and real examples of various diseased trees and practice identifying them. This training is accredited by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to offer CEU credits. If you are interested in becoming adept at identifying and managing tree disease please contact us to schedule a training course.