Environmental Conservation Consulting NY, LLC.

Our all woman-owned, NY based company recognizes the need for urbanization within NYC. We at EC Consulting also recognize that protecting the environment and greenery around us is just as vital to New York residents. Our company uses continuously evolving research and understanding of the environment to help in compliance with regulations in New York. Our certified and professional consultants work to provide reliable environmental compliance to all clients that will improve relations between the New York City Parks and Recreation Forestry Department/ and or NY State and the client’s work. We service many markets including Utility, Engineering, Government, and Architecture.

Our consultants provide vegetation management services that include but are not limited to: creating and filing NYC Forestry Permits, assessing health and condition of trees and vegetation, oversee all client’s tree work and excavation, submit and provide adequate environmental compliance reporting to NYC Parks Department, and work planning and survey of trees and vegetation for proposed engineering/ building designs.

EC Consulting’s goal is to provide effective environmental compliance for clients, city, and the state of New York while helping our clients provide safe and reliable services. We strive to offer clients economic and ecological business solutions while complying to all regulations to protect the beautiful urban environment. EC Consulting will provide a multi- diverse skillset of certified, educated, and experienced professionals for many environmental services.