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EC Consulting NY

Environmental Conservation Consulting NY, LLC (EC Consulting) is an all woman-owned business addressing environmental compliance needs in urban-built and natural areas. With headquarters located in Queens, NY, EC Consulting has expertise in New York City regulations and environmental resources. With the planet, industry, and regulations changing rapidly through the years, we at EC Consulting pride ourselves on evolving our research and training to maintain impeccable environmental consulting services. Our love for the environment and strong work ethic help us build admired relationships with private, federal, state, and NYC clients. Our sustainable outlook on life nourishes our planet while implementing client’s projects in a productive and compliant manner.

EC Consulting provides highly multi-skilled environmental professionals for a wide array of environmental services including but not limited to:

● Invasive Species Management
● Tree Inventory
● Ecological Surveys
● Vegetation Management
● Permitting and Work Planning
● Diagnosis of Tree Health Problems
● Tree Preservation
● Tree Risk